Blue Dot Decal Wall Clock


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This wall clock is a bit different – the numbers are printed on repositionable (and reusable) polyester decals that can stuck directly onto any smooth wall surface around the clock mechanism which is hung in the centre.

Each decal disc is 6.4cm (2.5 inches) diameter and as they are placed individually you can make the clock as big or small as you like. The one in the photos has been arranged at 80cm (32 inches) diameter. You can also play with the shape, perhaps you prefer an oval or diamond arrangement.

The clock movement operates very quietly and uses a single AA battery.

The numbers are actually clear so show the colour of the wall they are on (in this case white) but I’m happy to customise the colour scheme, remove the numerals so they are just dots or use any of the patterns from my other clock designs for no extra charge, just convo me to discuss. I can also supply white or black hands on request.

Make sure the wall is clean and free from dust. If you are placing the discs in a circle it is best to mark out their placement first but this is easily done with a ruler, a drawing pin, a piece of string, a pencil and an eraser. Just measure the string to the radius you would like and tie on the pencil and drawing pin at either end. Placing the drawing pin in the centre, lightly mark the rough position of each numeral as you work your way around the 12 positions. Place 12, 3, 6 and 9 first (as they are relatively easy to place by eye) and then fill in the spaces with the other numbers. Place the discs just inside your marks so you can erase them with the eraser once you are done. You can measure the spacing between each disc and adjust until they are equidistant. The best way to lift the numerals is by sliding one the pieces of backing paper under the edge – much easier than using fingers! The numerals only need to be placed on lightly – they hold well and it is easier to remove them for reuse if they aren’t pushed on firmly.

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